Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style!

Time is flying by this year and Halloween is already next Wednesday! Have you been just as consumed with the day to day activities (as I have been) that Halloween hasn’t crossed your mind until…right about now? Well, I have gathered a few simple decor DIYs that are pretty simple to create, to make your home feel like Fall is in the air, and decor that will match your own personal home aesthetic. Let your home be cozy, warm and beautiful enough to create happy memories with the ones you love during this festive season!




Are you a traditionalist? Are you someone who simply loves the true authenticity of Fall and those bold red and rich orange hues that go along with the season? If so, this decor might be the perfect style for you!

Basic directions: (for more details with photos, click on the photo above)

  • For this DIY, it’s not so much a step by step process as it is a few different styling tips for your Fall mantel.
    • Try using non-seasonal items like window shutters, lanterns and vases to create the background for her seasonal decor, which creates more depth and visual interest.
    • Create ambience with a tiered candle stand in the fireplace and a glowing lantern with a candle on the hearth.
    • Add fresh seasonal flowers in wooden pails or rustic vases to give a true natural, Autumnal vibe.
    • Find a festive leaf wreath, leaf branches and small pumpkins to bring a pop of color to the mantel.
    • With a wooden crate, more scattered faux leaves and pumpkins, she creates a more rustic indoor look on the hearth, while keeping everything clean.
    • For finishing touches, add a cute “Fall” banner to the top of the window shutter and some festive pillows, to create a warm, cozy look.




For the ultimate minimalist, we found this gorgeous paint splattered pumpkin tutorial, which is fun, festive, and very simple.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. Start with real pumpkins or fake pumpkins from the craft store (which are probably on sale right now), and paint them all one color, with whatever colors best match your home decor; let dry. *you can paint them all over with spray paint or acrylic paint and a brush.
  2. Once dry, lay pumpkins on their side on top of newspapers or plastic tarp for painting. *Do this outside so you won’t splatter paint throughout your entire dining room (unless that’s the look you’re going for). 
  3.  Use acrylic paint for this next step and dilute the paint with water. (about a 1:1 ratio)
  4. Load your brush with the paint mixture and whip it downward toward the pumpkin. Rotate pumpkin to your liking while splattering, to create the look you want. Let dry. *again, make sure you are doing this outside, the paint will get everywhere.
  5. That’s it! Simple, wasn’t it? *feel free to finish with some clear gloss, satin, or matte spray, or leave it alone.




So, you have more of a French Country kind of style. Try this gorgeous heirloom pumpkin look for a mantel, dining table centerpiece, or a buffet.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. Start with real or plastic pumpkins and several different shades of green, ivory and blue paint
  2. Paint pumpkins all over with one shade of paint. Let dry. *remember to mix up the colors to paint the pumpkins differently, so they aren’t all the same.
  3. Use a dry brush to add subtle highlights and contour to the face and crevices of the pumpkin to add dimension.
  4. Use a diluted paint color to splatter paint onto pumpkins, to create a realistic look. Let dry. *remember to do this step outside and cover your surfaces with newspaper or painting tarps
  5. Spray with a clear matte or satin spray, let dry, and you’re done! *add greenery to create the whole scene, it looks like she used eucalyptus and some other greenery to match
  • she recommends removing the fake stems and replacing with real pumpkin stems, but you can also tape off the stems while painting and paint the fake stems with whatever color fits your style best!




Are you inspired by all things that sparkle and shine? Well, this tablescape may be for you! Add a touch of class and an air of glamour to your Fall feast with a little glittery gilded charm!

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. What you’ll need are pumpkins of various sizes (real or fake), pinecones, a sliced tree stump (or a cake stand), gold spray paint or acrylic paint, gold votives, a strip of burlap and some branches (real or faux)
  2. Let’s begin with the burlap, cut into a size fit for your table (1/3 the width of your table and allow for 6″ to hanging over each end) and use this as your table runner, the background for your setup.
  3. Next are the branches and pinecones.  Lightly paint the ends of the branches and tips of the pinecones with gold acrylic paint. Let dry and spray with a clear gloss if preferred.
  4. For the pumpkins, you’ll want to use real or fake pumpkins, and spray or paint them gold, including the stems. Let dry and finish with a clear gloss if preferred.
  5. For the center piece, make sure to use the largest pumpkin and set it atop a thick slice of tree. If you are unable to come across a tree stump, use a cake stand in white or gold, or spray paint it a color of your preference. this gives the center of your table height and more visual character. 
  6. Lastly, come the votives. place the gold or mercury glass votive holders around the table and light those candles. The glow will create a beautifully enveloping ambiance, which will make your whole tablescape glisten.




Are you craving a more lived in vibe, possibly something reminiscent of a gypsy fortress, exclusively for the wanderlust dedicated?  Try this simple, yet seasonally inspired, DIY with the cutest tiny pumpkins and gold tipped feather garland.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. To make the garland, you will need string or twine, long enough to hang across your mantel, door frame, or wherever you choose to hang it up; and large assorted feathers
  2. Place a dot of hot glue on the tip of each feather and glue about 3″ apart *we recommend doing this on a piece of cardboard or a surface that won’t be ruined if damaged by the hot glue.
  3. Once the feathers are all glued down, grab a piece of paper or cardboard to cover the part of the feather you don’t want painted, and spray paint the visible part of the feather with gold spray paint. *make sure you are spraying outside or in a well-ventilated area, and you have a painting tarp or newspapers down underneath the feathers you are painting.
  4. After the paint is dry, you can hang it up! She used gold thumb tacks to place in her mantel, but if you aren’t wanting to create holes, we recommend grabbing the smallest command hooks in clear and tying them to the hooks. To create a more finished look, add a gold tipped feather to each end as well.


I hope some of these décor ideas have inspired you to create a festive, Fall-inspired atmosphere, that truly represents your own style. Enjoy a cozy, warm and beautiful season, filled with friends and family.





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