We are all in this together.

I can’t believe I’m typing this right now. Today has been a struggle. 🙈 I honestly feel completely distracted and unmotivated, despite hitting a major goal on Instagram last night! 550 followers, I feel truly grateful that I’m able to bring value to your life, whether that’s in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, motivation, or just entertainment…I AM a goof sometimes! (or all the time) 😜

But today feels different. I go through these stages every once in a while where something, somewhere inside me starts feeling completely lost. I feel numb to my surroundings, I feel alone in my thoughts, and irrationally misplaced in this world. This happens to me about every couple months, pops up without a warning and lasts anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Besides feeling completely disoriented, nothing seems to be sticking. I’m sitting at my computer trying, wishing, PLEADING my mind to focus and get something done, but there are constant, irrational noises permeating everywhere around me, and I keep seeing distractions from my peripheral. My head feels like it’s tuned to 37 different TV channels and it keeps flipping back and forth between them all, as they each play louder and louder until I can’t remember what I’m doing (or trying to do) in the first place.

I’m bringing this to your attention to let you know that, although most of my days are filled with sunshine☀️, rainbows 🌈, and immense belly laughs 😂, it’s not always like that. We ALL struggle with our own inner battles, and we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Sometimes this lack of consciousness passes in a day or two, and sometimes it truly feels like walking around with 15 monkeys and an elephant on my shoulders for almost a month, but IT DOES PASS.  In the meantime, I pop on my noise cancelling headphones, turn to my “instrumental” playlist on Spotify, and try narrowing my task list down to one tiny step at a time.

What are your best coping strategies for your inner battles?

How long do you usually feel that way?

And what is your best advice for someone going through their own internal battles today?

Let’s help each other, because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


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