DIY Christmas Gifts

Some years I go crazy with the gifts during Christmas, and end up with a lot of debt in the new year, but this year is different. I love my friends and family so so much, but my “love language” is definitely spending time with my loved ones or spending time making them something they will truly enjoy, rather than just giving them random useless things because “it’s the thought that counts.”

I thought I would share some tips for gifts you can make for your friends and family that they will love, as well as some that are budget friendly!

  1. A Statement-A-Day Jar: This year for B’s birthday I made him a jar filled with 365 notes that included different sayings, things I loved about him, things I wanted to do with him, and memories or funny anecdotes we shared throughout the past year. This really is such a great gift idea, because they will have something to open every single day until the next year.
    •  What you’ll need: 
      • 1 large jar (I recommend this 64oz. jar for the size)
      • Ribbon (I used this to put at the top of the jar so it looked “finished;” you may have this laying around your house, or you can pick up from the 99c store)
      • Gift Bag (A gift bag is easier to wrap the jar with, than wrapping paper, but you can do either; you can pick this up from the 99c store)
      • Tissue Paper (I use this to fill the gift bag with; you can pick this up from the 99c store)
      • Stationary Paper (I chose this Christmas one, but they have so many other decorative papers online or at Joann Crafts or Michael’s)
      • Pen (I love these felt tipped pens with different colors, but a regular pen or Sharpie works just fine too!)
      • Scissors (I cut the paper into strips 1″ x 3″, so you will get 12 strips for every sheet of the 6″ x 6″ paper I linked above)
      • Time! This project took me several hours, making sure I had enough topics to write down as well as counting and re-counting the papers to make sure I had 365
  2. Hand Made Photo Album: I made this gift for my parents a few years ago for Christmas and it was so simple and appreciated! We all have our phones attached to our hips, which means we always have our cameras with us at all times, THEREFORE, you probably already have a ton of candid photos of your family and friends. To make this album, I took scrapbooking cardstock, printed out my favorite photos of them and glued them on the pages. I secured the album with ribbon and it was so simple. 
    • What you’ll need: 
      • Scrapbooking paper or Craft Paper (This will make up the pages of your book.) 
      • Glue-stick or Washi Tape (to hold images down; if using washi tape, I recommend sticking the corners down on a diagonal, or taping only the top and bottom with smaller strips.)
      • Photo paper & printer (or you could have this printed at a photo developer like CVS or online)
      • Hole puncher (use this to punch three holes in the side of the paper and thread with twine or ribbon to create a binding.)
      • Ribbon or Twine (to secure the book together, I’ve linked thin satin ribbon, because that’s what I prefer, but you could use curling ribbon instead (it just needs to be small enough to fit through the punched holes.)
      • Scissors (to cut photos out)
      • Sharpie (to write words, or make designs around the photos)
  3. Personalized gift cards: When I was younger, I obviously couldn’t work, which meant I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, but I could gift “acts of service.” An act of service is a practical gift that enables the recipient to basically get time back for themselves. (and who doesn’t need more time?!) Since this gift is really up to you, I am going to list a few things you could “gift” your friends and family. However, in making these certificates, you could either create them on your computer using Photoshop or Word, online through a program called Canva, or by hand on nice cardstock.
    • Some examples could be: 
      • Washing their car
      • At home manicure/pedicure
      • Picking up their mail, groceries, dry cleaning, etc.
      • Running errands for them
      • Walking their dog
      • Bathing their dog
      • Pet-sitting
      • Cooking a nice dinner for them
      • Their sober chauffeur for the evening, instead of Uber
      • If you have experience: Wardrobe Styling, home organization, makeup application, hair styling/blowout
      • If you are knowledgable on a subject they are interested in, you could give them a 1 on 1 lesson
      • The list could really go on and on…

I hope these few ideas gave you a little DIY gift inspiration this year, especially if you’re short on time! Let me know what DIY or low budget gifts you have planned this year!! 

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