51 Reasons to Be Grateful Today

  1. Your physical health that helps you live a long life
  2. The time you’re able to spend reconnecting with those you love
  3. Your friends: the family you choose
  4. Your family and the support they are able to give you
  5. A safe place to live; a place where you are warm, protected and able to sleep in peace
  6. Your legs that help you walk, jump, run and explore life’s adventures
  7. Your creativity; the imagination only YOU have
  8. Your eyes that help you to see the vast world around you
  9. The ability to do anything or be anyone you want to be
  10. Your ears that help you hear the wind, the ocean and the music around you
  11. Your mental health that allows you to function easily in the world
  12. Your ability to make a change in your life if you aren’t happy
  13. Your arms that help you carry all of life’s necessities
  14. Your hands and fingers to help you write down your passions
  15. The childhood that made you into the person you are today
  16. The unique traits that make you, YOU
  17. The freedom you should never take for granted
  18. The kindness of humanity that resonates within your soul
  19. Your heart, the constant beating that reminds you that you are alive
  20. The inner peace you are able to channel when you are alone
  21. The excitement you feel when things are going well in your life
  22. The miraculous sound of the rain as it cleanses the world around you
  23. The restlessness in your soul, that keeps you always moving forward
  24. The ability to learn from your mistakes
  25. The abundance of love inside you, radiating from your core
  26. The emotional release you experience when you laugh & when you cry
  27. Your shoulders that support you, even when you feel like you’re holding up the world
  28. The consistency of time, to help you form a routine and prioritize your passions
  29. An incredible fear that drives you to succeed
  30. The support system you are able to reach out to when you feel like you can’t do it on your own
  31. The helping hand you receive, even when you’ve hit rockbottom
  32. The resources that always seem to be there, even when you least expect them
  33. The resiliency you have to pull yourself out of the low points in life and create a better path for yourself
  34. The ownership you have over your life and career
  35. The quietness your soul feels when you are happy and content in your life
  36. The ability to ask for help when you are struggling
  37. The freedom you feel when you’re creating something meaningful
  38. The passion you experience when you are doing something you love
  39. Your ability to see the world, to experience this entire planet
  40. The faith you have, knowing something out there is bigger than us
  41. The decisions you were able to take, that led you to where you are today
  42. The lessons you learned and the guidance you received in order to create this beautiful life for yourself
  43. Your endless pursuit for knowledge, and your ability to learn 
  44. The acceptance of Mother Nature’s wrath, amidst all her glorious beauty
  45. The ability to forgive, along with the ability to not forget
  46. The knowledge that you’re only one decision away from changing your entire life
  47. The bravery to follow your dreams
  48. The lightness you feel when you fall in love
  49. The ability and strength you have to stand up for what you believe in
  50. The memories you can return to instantly, just by closing your eyes
  51. The endless possibilities that await you

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