5 Life-Changing Tips to Help You Declutter Your Space For Good!

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me, you like to organize…and organize again, then re-organize everything in an infinite cycle of organizing chaos, because it’s continually a mess, and there MUST be a better system.

Let me tell you, I’ve read A LOT of books, A LOT of blogs, and watched A LOT of documentaries, tv shows, and YouTube videos about decluttering, but only one book truly got into my head and made me discover the “why” behind the decluttering and organization.

The one book that finally inspired me to declutter regularly, the only book that I’ve ever re-read 8 times (or listened to on Audible) was also the book that taught me lessons about tidying, lessons about myself and lessons about life, that I had never known before.

If you didn’t guess it already, this book is called, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I’m sure you’ve heard of it throughout the past several years, and now that they’ve created a show called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” on Netflix, I’m sure you are well aware of this tidying way of life.

So, the reason I am telling you all of this is because I am launching my #DeclutterWithA Series on Instagram and the blog, starting this Friday, February 1, which will continue throughout the month of February! I will be taking you on my journey of decluttering my space and minimizing my belongings while sharing tips and tricks along the way.

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Since I’ve read and re-read this book SEVERAL times, I honestly think it’s a great one for you to pick up in store, online, or even download on Audible (I’m a HUGE fan of Audible’s audiobooks), so you’ll always have it in your arsenal, but I figured I’d list a few tips and tricks I learned from the book, that I found extremely beneficial.

A Few Helpful Tips I Learned:

  1. Every item needs a home.
  2. Pick up each and every item, one at a time to see if it “sparks joy” within your heart.
  3. For the items that don’t spark joy, you must thank them for what they have brought to your life.
    • This could be the knowledge of knowing you shouldn’t buy similar things anymore, since you won’t wear them, or it could be that this item lasted a long time with you, and has already proven it’s worth, so now it’s ready to bring joy to another home.
  4. I found that when I wasn’t using an item, I felt more of a desire to part with it than I had anticipated. This was because it started to make me think of the items as I would think of people.
    • I began feeling bad that they were made for a specific use that I wasn’t using them for. I want them to fulfill their purpose, and if I couldn’t do that, they needed to go help someone else who could or would use them.
  5. Going through your home by category, rather than by room, truly allows you to see and lay out EVERYTHING you have from one category.
    • ie: if you had 1 junk drawer in every room, but tidied only by room, you would think you had the right amount of pens, post-it notes, & scissors. However, when you tidy by category and put all your office supplies in one spot and then realize you had 12 pairs of scissors, 78 pens and unlimited post-it notes, you can easily keep the best ones, eliminate the ones you constantly reach over, and have only one or two office supply drawers rather than 9 junk drawers throughout the house.

I can’t wait to start my first decluttering journey of 2019, and I hope that you will join me in the process and start decluttering and minimizing your home too! If you do start your decluttering process in February, please tag #DeclutterWithA so I can see what items “spark joy” in your life!

Always, your constantly decluttering friend,


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