About A

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Hi everyone! I’m Ashley, the A in “A of All Trades.” Let me tell you a few keys things about myself:

  1. A is my nickname for Ashley. My boyfriend’s name is Bobby, I call him “B” and he calls me “A.” We’ve called each other this since the first couple months we started dating and it just stuck! So now, I’m “A” in his phone and he’s “B” in mine, it’ll be our names for each other forever!
  2. I’m addicted to coffee. ☕️ Yes, that’s right, I am a serious coffee drinker and I love it! I’ve been on a lot of diets and cleanses before, but I just can’t seem to give up my precious coffee! How do I drink it? The first 2 cups are black, then I either make a bulletproof coffee (if I’m doing keto) or with a splash of sugar free Coffee Mate in Sweet Italian Creme (or SF Pumpkin Spice this time of the year 🎃)⠀
  3. Kristen Wiig is my idol. If I could make people laugh as much as she does, my life would be complete! My favorite sketch has to be her glorious rendition of Judy in the Lawrence Welk Show. (I could quote Judy all day, everyday!)
  4. I’m an avid Halo Top enthusiast. 🍦 My favorite flavors are: Smores, Lemon Cake, Birthday Cake, Sea Salt Caramel, and Caramel Macchiato (I once had 33 pints of Halo Top in my freezer…is that bad? -Judy voice, if you know what I mean)
  5. I live in the same house I grew up in! I grew up in Newbury Park, CA, moved to Marina del Rey, then to NYC and back to Newbury Park! My parents recently retired to Florida, and my boyfriend and I took over the house and are now renting from them! 😻⠀
  6. An cat recently adopted us! She is feral, but is warming up to the fact of hopefully being an indoor cat soon! Her name is Stella, even though for the longest time we called her “Baby” (we figured she finally needed a real name) ⠀
  7. I’m a fig stealer — meaning I actually steal all the gigs off our neighbor’s tree. Don’t worry, I asked them and they really don’t like figs, so they gave me the go ahead. But every time I grab my ladder and lean over to grab the figs, I feel so shady 🙈 (…also my boyfriend always makes fun of me and gets nervous I’m going to fall over the fence 😂)
  8. I once cried in front of Martha Stewart. When I was working in NYC, Martha came to Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal to sell and make an appearance for her new book on crafting. I’m usually not very emotionally driven when it comes to celebrities, or public figures (although I’m not quite sure what I would do if I met Kristen Wiig) but I grabbed a book and waited my turn in line for her to sign it. my hands were shivering and my body started convulsing (okay, convulsing is a strong word, but I was shaking to the point that my teeth were chattering and I was NOT cold). I could feel my face turning bright red as it was my turn. I could barely get out the words as I stumbled and slurred, “I love you! My mom is basically you, she’s taught me everything I know and you are so amazing,” (or whatever I actually said, I kind of blacked out at that point). Halfway during my embarrassingly awkward speech, my eyes started welling up and a tear fell down my cheek. Martha seemed very taken aback at this point, but she hurriedly signed my book and I left. THAT was the time I cried in front of Martha Stewart.

I started this blog to share what I’ve learned throughout the years in regard to

  • fashion
  • makeup (beauty and SFX)
  • jewelry design
  • calligraphy
  • home organization
  • and so much more…I’m basically a mini-Martha!

To recap my life: It all started when I learned jewelry design at 15. I began crafting jewelry pieces for myself and friends throughout the years. I later graduated with a degree in Fashion Design/Business Management from FIDM in Los Angeles and began working for several ready-to-wear fashion, couture fashion, and jewelry designers. Years go by and I moved to NYC, the fashion capital! I took a few classes at FIT while I was there and after 2 short years, moved back to my sunny home of CA.

Once I returned, I enrolled in make-up school, studying beauty and SFX make-up, graduating from MUD, the Make-Up Designory in Burbank, CA. I ended up working many short films, (one which won an Emmy award), weddings, trade shows (one of which I helped create a monster rivaling those on “Face Off”).

Being a creative writer all throughout childhood made me interested in getting back into that when I ended up working as a marketing manager, writing blogs, website copy, social media copy and newsletters for a large multinational company. In addition to being a creative writer, I also have always had an interest in the actual composition of a word, where I learned calligraphy. I much prefer modern calligraphy over classic, but I can do both. All the while working my countless jobs in countless fields, another passion still lingers on, acting. I love making people laugh and fueling their emotions. When I was 12-16 I was acting a ton, (and even won several awards for my talent at a national competition in NY). The past couple years I’ve also gotten really into pairing down my clutter, after reading Marie Kondo’s viral book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” (I mean, who HASN’T read that book?!) which has me in the organization mindset at all times, to create a living space worthy or ultimate relaxation.

So, there you have it, I am “A of All Trades,” master of some? I always seem to get stopped wherever I go, asking my tips and tricks for everything from fashion and beauty to home organization and meal prepping (oh, I forgot to mention meal prepping and fitness…I guess we will get to that later), so I figured I would open up a space where I can create a discussion based on what YOU all want to know; a place where I can share the tips I’ve learned throughout the years with all of YOU!

From one ultimate type-A lazy girl to another,

A aka: Ashley