The Body Butter You NEED For Fall & Winter

The Body Butter You NEED For Fall & Winter

Let me be honest, I am obsessed with my skin. I’m always trying to stay hydrated and attempting to look younger than I did yesterday (gotta prevent that crepey skin, #amiright?), so body lotions and body butters are a VITAL part of my everyday routine! I vary my lotions depending on the time of year, so I thought I would share my favorites for Fall and Winter with you!

Right now, it’s Fall going into Winter, so I really like having something a little thicker and more hydrating on my skin than what I wear in the Summer. These are the only two body butters that I use this time of year, and lucky for you, they fit any budget since they are at two drastically different price points.

Product image of Josie Maran whipped body butter and a bottle of organ oil on a fluffy, cozy blanket.
  • Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter: This body butter is made of some amazingly hydrating and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Sunflower seed oil and Shea Butter. This body butter is extremely hydrating and goes on smoothly. It does take a while to sink into the skin, so you may want to rub it thoroughly and wait a couple minutes before dressing. (My favorite scent is Vanilla Bean, it smells like you added a bit of Pure Vanilla Extract to unscented body butter. It seriously smells INCREDIBLE!)
  • *PRO TIP: for extremely dry skin, I love adding a few drops of Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil to the Body Butter before applying to my skin. I literally stay so hydrated until the next time I shower!
  • Price Point: $35/8oz
Photo of girl's hand holding of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Body Butter with marble tray, candle, and crystal decorative jars.
  • Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter: I just found out about this body butter THIS year! Yes, I know, I know, I’m so late to the game with Trader Joe’s beauty products, and this is the first and only product I’ve tried, so I definitely must try more! This body butter is extremely affordable and is so hydrating! Made with coconut oil, shea butter and pumpkin seed oil, this body butter is full of some amazing natural ingredients, and smells incredible! For all you PSL lovers out there, this one’s for you!
  • *PRO TIP: buy this body butter in store only; it will be FAR more expensive online.
  • Price Point: $4.99/8oz.

Directions for best use of body butter:

  • Apply immediately after toweling off from a shower or bath. This is when your pores are open and your body will be able to absorb the most moisture. Think of your skin like your thirst, once your skin is dry, it is already dehydrated (Just like when you are thirsty).
  • When you apply body lotion/body butter immediately following a shower or bath, you end up using about half the amount of product to hydrate your skin than if you were to wait until your skin was dry (or thirsty) and it would STILL hydrate better than if your skin was dry to begin with.

What are your favorite body butters or lotions for Fall and Winter?

Oh, and don’t forget: be your most amazing YOU today!


We are all in this together.

We are all in this together.

I can’t believe I’m typing this right now. Today has been a struggle. 🙈 I honestly feel completely distracted and unmotivated, despite hitting a major goal on Instagram last night! 550 followers, I feel truly grateful that I’m able to bring value to your life, whether that’s in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, motivation, or just entertainment…I AM a goof sometimes! (or all the time) 😜

But today feels different. I go through these stages every once in a while where something, somewhere inside me starts feeling completely lost. I feel numb to my surroundings, I feel alone in my thoughts, and irrationally misplaced in this world. This happens to me about every couple months, pops up without a warning and lasts anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Besides feeling completely disoriented, nothing seems to be sticking. I’m sitting at my computer trying, wishing, PLEADING my mind to focus and get something done, but there are constant, irrational noises permeating everywhere around me, and I keep seeing distractions from my peripheral. My head feels like it’s tuned to 37 different TV channels and it keeps flipping back and forth between them all, as they each play louder and louder until I can’t remember what I’m doing (or trying to do) in the first place.

I’m bringing this to your attention to let you know that, although most of my days are filled with sunshine☀️, rainbows 🌈, and immense belly laughs 😂, it’s not always like that. We ALL struggle with our own inner battles, and we have to remember to take care of ourselves. Sometimes this lack of consciousness passes in a day or two, and sometimes it truly feels like walking around with 15 monkeys and an elephant on my shoulders for almost a month, but IT DOES PASS.  In the meantime, I pop on my noise cancelling headphones, turn to my “instrumental” playlist on Spotify, and try narrowing my task list down to one tiny step at a time.

What are your best coping strategies for your inner battles?

How long do you usually feel that way?

And what is your best advice for someone going through their own internal battles today?

Let’s help each other, because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


Nail Product Favorites

Nail Product Favorites

I have to say, I do love having my nails done at a salon, however, I do NOT love having to schedule an appointment into my already overbooked day. This is why I do my nails at home.

There are certain benefits to having your nails done at a salon vs. at home and there are also benefits and disadvantages to having Gel nails versus a regular manicure, so here is my list of pros and cons, as well as products I use regularly and recommend to EVERYONE!

Gel nails:


  • EXTREMELY fast dry time
  • lasts 2 weeks +
  • looks shiny and fresh until you remove


  • takes forever to remove your Gel polish
  • ruins your nails (scraping top layers of nail before Gel is applied, and removal is done with 100% acetone)
  • sometimes, it peels up at cuticles, or peeling up completely (this is super annoying when your hair gets caught in the peel up when you are washing your hair.)
  • have to keep the same color polish on until removal

Regular Manicure:


  • keeps nails healthy (for the most part)
  • very easy to remove polish
  • does NOT hurt nails
  • can easily change colors as often as you want


  • dry time takes FOREVER
  • usually peels or chips in under 1 week

Because I enjoy changing my nail color often, and I don’t like the Gel removal process, I do prefer doing my nails at home.

The products I HIGHLY recommend are:

  1. Nailtiques Formula 2 Base Coat: This is an amazing base coat for using on its own or under nail polish. I love using this product because it helps keep my nails from peeling, and if you do use Gel nail polish and are looking to stop for awhile, this product truly helps rejuvenate your nails and heal them. I use this under every polish I use, and even if I’m not wearing nail polish, this is ALWAYS on my nails. It actually dries super fast for a regular polish and truly heals your nails. I recommend this to EVERYONE I know! ESPECIALLY if you are coming off of Gel or Acrylic nails.
  2. Essie Gel Topcoat: This product claims to be a “Gel” polish, but without the necessary light curing. It says it must be used with the other Essie Gel Colors, but I have found that this topcoat works AMAZINGLY with any nail polish that you have. I use this topcoat with all of my regular nail polishes and it works SO WELL! It seriously lasts a week or more without chipping! (and I wash my hands and dishes like a crazy person, so this is speaking volumes!)
  3. So this is a recommendation rather than a necessity (the two above are NECESSITIES for doing your manicure at home): Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color: I highly recommend this nail polish. It lasts for over a week on average, and keeps your nails looking super shiny, as if you had Gel nails from a salon. I know her polishes are a bit pricey, but I think they are worth the money. My favorite colors are: “I’m My Own Hero” a dusty mauve creme, “Message in a Bottle,” a sheer holographic mauve shimmer, “Dirty Little Secret,” a sheer holographic greige shimmer and “Grey Day,” her icy cool grey collab with Jason Wu.
  4. If you’re looking for a fast drying topcoat, I HIGHLY recommend Out the Door Top Coat: I’ve tried other fast drying topcoats, such as Seche Vite and Butter London, which both work very well, but this one is my favorite. I’ve noticed that this particular topcoat seems to set the top layer much faster than the other quick dries do.

I hope these recommendations help you when you are deciding on which nail polishes to use during your home manicure!

If you have any polish recommendations that I need to try, please let me know in the comments below!





Universal Studios Hollywood: Tips & Tricks to save money and have more fun!

Universal Studios Hollywood: Tips & Tricks to save money and have more fun!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

My boyfriend, B, and I absolutely LOVE going to Universal Studios! It’s a really fun date-day and with our annual pass, every visit is about $25 for parking and then any other money spent is on food or drinks (which we always pack protein bars anyway, so food is never something we buy).

I’m going to share with you, a few of my tips for having the best experience at Universal Studios as an adult couple!

  1. Get an annual pass. If you are a California resident, and live close enough to go more than twice a year, you will definitely get your money’s worth with an annual pass. They have a few different passes to choose from, varying between $179 – $609 depending on blackout dates, but when daily admission is between $109 – $124 per day, why wouldn’t you get an annual pass? Personally, we work around the blackout dates, (except this year when we were planning on going for my birthday, and then while on our way, we found out the entire month of July was blacked out) so we get the $179 pass and make sure to go at least 3 times a year, to really get our money’s worth. Plus, it’s such a fun date that you could go on for less than $35/time including parking and gas (depending where you’re driving from).
  2. Go on a weekday if you can! When school is in session, go on a weekday! You have less crowds, less lines and overall less people, which means you can go on more rides and tours than you would be able to if you went on a weekend. Wait line times on weekdays average about 0-30 mins, where weekend lines can be up to 2+ hours for one ride.
  3. Save money, pack food and drinks! You can bring water bottles (plastic or stainless steel; NOT glass) into the park, so I recommend bringing water with you, otherwise you will have to pay up to $10 for a bottle of water! We also bring protein bars to eat during the day in case we get hungry, since food is always expensive in there too. *If you drink, we usually bring a small plastic water bottle with vodka in it, JUST in case we need a little pick me up during the day. (because why not?) 
  4. Get there early. We usually aim to leave our house after the morning rush, and get to the park around 10-11am (the park opens at 10am). Getting there early allows you to go on more rides and experience more shows than if you were to wait until the afternoon to go, plus there are much less people in the morning.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes! You will be walking A LOT, since the park is so spread out. Universal Studios has both an upper lot and a lower lot you will want to experience, so your feet need to be comfortable!
  6. My top favorite things to experience!
    1. Upper Lot
      1. Universal’s Animal Actors: If you like animals, this is the show for you! This Animal Show highlights trained animals that currently work in Hollywood. It is so funny, and always the same, yet different based on how the animals decide to react to the trainers.
        • PRO TIP: We ALWAYS stop by Mulligan’s Irish Pub and grab a drink before heading over to the show, it’s literally our FAVORITE part of the entire day at Universal Studios!The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The ride, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is a 4K HD Ride that takes you into Hogwartz and throughout the entire world that is Harry Potter.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThe Walking Dead Attraction: only if you aren’t too afraid of horror mazes…
      1. Universal’s Studio Tour: This takes you through the backlot of Universal Studios, where you can see the sets and soundstages of popular movies and tv shows, as well as experience some crazy things while you’re on the ride.
      1. Simpsons, the Ride: This ride is really fun, but it does jerk you around a bit, so don’t go on this one if you are nauseated or have a headache.
      1. Kung-Fu Panda: This attraction is new, and B and I went on this for the first time on Thursday and it was really cute. Highly recommend taking part in this attraction if you haven’t seen it before.
    1. Lower Lot
      1. Transformers: The Ride: This experience is very fun, and SUPER realistic, but like the Simpson’s ride, make sure not to go on this one if you are nauseated or have a headache, it will only make it worse (at least it has for me).
      1. The Mummy: This is one of my favorite rides in the whole park! It’s a cross between Space Mountain and Indiana Jones at Disneyland, and I LOVE it!!Stranger Things Maze: So this one is a last minute add-on since it will only be an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood until Nov. 4, 2018, but I HIGHLY recommend going through this if you are a “Stranger Things” fan and if you are going to be there before tomorrow. *and if you can’t make it, check out this link to see what it’s all about! Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I hope this helps you plan your time at Universal Studios Hollywood! I can’t wait to see your pictures, and let me know if I’ve missed anything you would recommend!!



Don’t be afraid to be yourself: “What’s the WORST that could happen?”

Don’t be afraid to be yourself: “What’s the WORST that could happen?”

Be a sprinkled donut in a world full of bagels! ⠀


When I was 8, I lost all confidence and stopped talking, not altogether, but I would mostly speak only when spoken to. I tried to fit in, I tried to act “normal” so I wouldn’t be made fun of anymore. I went from being a loud, goofy and weird “wild child” to being the most shy and quietest person in the room. ⠀

I lived like this for all my teenage years and into my early 20s, where I started drinking alcohol to loosen my shy inhibitions a bit, until I finally cut ties with that shell of a human, and started living my whole life again. ⠀

Let’s backtrack a bit, I was 23, in a bad relationship at the time, living in a different state where I had no friends and was completely miserable. I was quickly losing faith and hope in my own happiness and I didn’t know what else to do until something unexpected changed my life.

One day, I was cleaning our apartment and an infomercial popped on the tv talking about Tony Robbins. (I must have been living under a rock, because I had no idea who he was at that point.) I bought the tapes, figuring it couldn’t hurt, all those people seemed SO happy, even though I knew it was an infomercial. ⠀

As I was listening to the tapes, he said something that changed my life forever. I honestly can’t remember exactly what he said, but I FINALLY realized that I could change my life, and be happy. I don’t know why I had never thought of that earlier; that I could always move back home, that I could always turn my life around, that I could always BE HAPPY, I just had to make the decision to do so. ⠀

I ended that relationship, moved back home to CA and regained the confidence in myself that I had lost 15 years earlier. I finally realized that I CAN be my weird, goofy self and walk around with confidence because I am a worthy human being and SO ARE YOU! I’m not saying you’re going to grow your confidence overnight, it’s definitely been a journey, but every day is another step closer to being your true self and speaking up for your own beliefs. Honestly, I look at every decision I make and everything I say as “what’s the worst that can happen,” and that motto has TRULY changed my life for the better.

As an example, you go to your boss to ask for a raise, “what’s the WORST that could happen?” You COULD get shot down, you COULD be embarrassed, or worse yet, you COULD be fired (which, let’s face it, if you’re asking for a raise, you probably haven’t done anything worth being fired over), but IF you were to be fired, you’ll find another job, you’ll do something else, no one is dying, this is not the end of the world. Stand up for yourself, because no one will stand up for you. Same goes for being honest in your relationships, both familial, friendships, and romantic relationships. If those people don’t like you for who you truly are, you’re better off without them. There are so many GOOD people out there who would love your crazy, goofy self!

I’m now in my forever relationship with the love of my life, and if I hadn’t shown him my true colors at the beginning, if I hadn’t turned away all the other suitors I’d been dating, because I was looking for more, someone WORTH investing my time in, someone WORTH investing my vulnerability in; if I hadn’t shown the confidence in myself and if I hadn’t been completely insane and goofy every day of my life, I may not have landed such an equally weird, supportive and loving partner in crime.

Every day is a chance to be yourself, stand up for what you believe in, and to not settle for anything sub-par. You are worthy, you are deserving, just prove it to yourself. YOU GOT THIS, Girl!!

With love and strength,


PS: I’m always on your side, just think of me saying to you “What’s the worst that could happen?”

5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

So, it’s October 28th and you’re still procrastinating on your Halloween costume. Don’t you worry, I’ve got your back! These 5 Halloween costume and makeup ideas will be super easy and simple for you to recreate without having to purchase anything!


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

This all black ensemble is ideal for anyone attempting to channel Dracula this Halloween!

Costume: I paired skinny black jeans with a black turtleneck for an all black vampire look. I layered a black blazer on top and popped the collar to mimick and accentuate the traditional high collar on a Vampire cloak. Black booties complete the look!

Makeup: Apply your foundation as normal, and add a little more creme highlighter to the high points of your face to appear a bit more “dead” or “ghostly” and hollow out your cheeks with a grey eyeshadow used in place of contour powder.  You can create a smokey eye with a little brown and black eyeshadow and eyeliner, and add a drop of “blood” in either red lipstick or lipliner from the corner of one side of your mouth; feel free to apply red or burgundy lipstick to your lips to finish off the makeup.

Hair: Add some dry shampoo and tease the roots with texturizing spray and hair spray to add extra volume and grit. With this costume, you’ll be saying “I vant to suck your blood,” all night long!

Eleven (Season 2) from Stranger Things

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Are you as obsessed with stranger things as I am? Well, now you too can be Eleven from Season 2.

Costume: I started this look with rolled hem boyfriend jeans and added a black top and a blazer (preferably with shoulder pads – channelling major 80s vibes) to complete the top half of the ensemble. I added crew socks with slip on Vans to complete the look (I don’t have Chuck Taylors, but wear those if you have them, since they are actually a part of her actual ensemble).

Makeup: Apply foundation, blush and contour, and focus on accentuating your eyes. Create a full black smokey eye to recreate Eleven’s punk look.

Hair: Curl the ends of your hair (if your hair is straight, or leave curly if it is naturally), slick back the top of your hair with hair gel, pull the hair tight to the nape of your neck and secure horizontally with bobby pins, be sure to fluff the curls over the bobby pins, so they can’t be seen.

With this look, you’ll be fighting off Demigorgons in no time!



The Sanderson sisters won’t have anything on you in this outfit!

Costume: This costume has a few extra pieces you may want to purchase, but it’s completely unnecessary. I started with a black flowy spaghetti strap dress and layered a black long sleeved shirt underneath. I added black fishnet stockings and black knee-high socks and paired red booties with the look for an added pop of color, but you could go with black booties instead. I actually made the feather vest, but it’s completely unnecessary for a witch costume. As for the hat, you may want to purchase that item, or you could paint a chopstick black or brown and carry that as your wand instead of wearing a hat. Another look, is to channel the witches from American Horror Story: Coven and throw on some black sunglasses instead of the hat or wand altogether! The choices are up to you!

Makeup: I would stick to your everyday makeup routine and add extra eyeliner or a smokey eye for a look that’s a little more haunting. Pair that with some dark red lipstick and you’re good to go!

Hair: Make it big! Add dry shampoo and curl/crimp your hair so it’s all different textures, tease the roots and add hair spray and texturizing spray for a style that will last all night!


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Get out your spy kit, you are going on a manhunt, well not for a man, but maybe for candy and a little wine?

Costume: I started with the base of a plain black tee shirt and black leggings; I added a beige trench coat, tall tan boots, and some aviator glasses, because detectives always wear sunglasses even at night (Who else just started singing, “I wear my sunglasses at night…” because I definitely did, and now I can’t get it out of my head.)

Makeup: Apply your everyday makeup routine and maybe darken up your eyes and lips for something a little different, but it’s completely unnecessary. With this costume, you can really do whatever you want!

Hair: Like with makeup, you can really do whatever you want with this look, but a high ponytail would look really cute with this outfit. (You could also wear your hair down: curled or straight.)

Audrey Hepburn

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

You really can never go wrong with Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s!”

Costume: Everyone has an LBD (a little black dress in their closet, so we paired that with a pearl necklace and some cat eye sunglasses; add some black heels and you’re good to go! (Sidenote: if you have long black gloves or a cigarette holder, feel free to wear that too!)

Makeup: Apply your everyday makeup routine, but make your brows a little bolder, your mascara a little darker and your eyeliner a little more cat-eyed! Add a light pinky-beige lip and you are ready to start eating croissants on 5th Avenue!

Hair: For your hair, you will want to create a french twist in the back but slicking back each side of your hair and rolling them into each other in the back of your head and securing with bobby pins. If you have a hair comb that looks like a crown, add that too!

Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style!

Fall Decor Ideas for Every Style!

Time is flying by this year and Halloween is already next Wednesday! Have you been just as consumed with the day to day activities (as I have been) that Halloween hasn’t crossed your mind until…right about now? Well, I have gathered a few simple decor DIYs that are pretty simple to create, to make your home feel like Fall is in the air, and decor that will match your own personal home aesthetic. Let your home be cozy, warm and beautiful enough to create happy memories with the ones you love during this festive season!




Are you a traditionalist? Are you someone who simply loves the true authenticity of Fall and those bold red and rich orange hues that go along with the season? If so, this decor might be the perfect style for you!

Basic directions: (for more details with photos, click on the photo above)

  • For this DIY, it’s not so much a step by step process as it is a few different styling tips for your Fall mantel.
    • Try using non-seasonal items like window shutters, lanterns and vases to create the background for her seasonal decor, which creates more depth and visual interest.
    • Create ambience with a tiered candle stand in the fireplace and a glowing lantern with a candle on the hearth.
    • Add fresh seasonal flowers in wooden pails or rustic vases to give a true natural, Autumnal vibe.
    • Find a festive leaf wreath, leaf branches and small pumpkins to bring a pop of color to the mantel.
    • With a wooden crate, more scattered faux leaves and pumpkins, she creates a more rustic indoor look on the hearth, while keeping everything clean.
    • For finishing touches, add a cute “Fall” banner to the top of the window shutter and some festive pillows, to create a warm, cozy look.




For the ultimate minimalist, we found this gorgeous paint splattered pumpkin tutorial, which is fun, festive, and very simple.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. Start with real pumpkins or fake pumpkins from the craft store (which are probably on sale right now), and paint them all one color, with whatever colors best match your home decor; let dry. *you can paint them all over with spray paint or acrylic paint and a brush.
  2. Once dry, lay pumpkins on their side on top of newspapers or plastic tarp for painting. *Do this outside so you won’t splatter paint throughout your entire dining room (unless that’s the look you’re going for). 
  3.  Use acrylic paint for this next step and dilute the paint with water. (about a 1:1 ratio)
  4. Load your brush with the paint mixture and whip it downward toward the pumpkin. Rotate pumpkin to your liking while splattering, to create the look you want. Let dry. *again, make sure you are doing this outside, the paint will get everywhere.
  5. That’s it! Simple, wasn’t it? *feel free to finish with some clear gloss, satin, or matte spray, or leave it alone.




So, you have more of a French Country kind of style. Try this gorgeous heirloom pumpkin look for a mantel, dining table centerpiece, or a buffet.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. Start with real or plastic pumpkins and several different shades of green, ivory and blue paint
  2. Paint pumpkins all over with one shade of paint. Let dry. *remember to mix up the colors to paint the pumpkins differently, so they aren’t all the same.
  3. Use a dry brush to add subtle highlights and contour to the face and crevices of the pumpkin to add dimension.
  4. Use a diluted paint color to splatter paint onto pumpkins, to create a realistic look. Let dry. *remember to do this step outside and cover your surfaces with newspaper or painting tarps
  5. Spray with a clear matte or satin spray, let dry, and you’re done! *add greenery to create the whole scene, it looks like she used eucalyptus and some other greenery to match
  • she recommends removing the fake stems and replacing with real pumpkin stems, but you can also tape off the stems while painting and paint the fake stems with whatever color fits your style best!




Are you inspired by all things that sparkle and shine? Well, this tablescape may be for you! Add a touch of class and an air of glamour to your Fall feast with a little glittery gilded charm!

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. What you’ll need are pumpkins of various sizes (real or fake), pinecones, a sliced tree stump (or a cake stand), gold spray paint or acrylic paint, gold votives, a strip of burlap and some branches (real or faux)
  2. Let’s begin with the burlap, cut into a size fit for your table (1/3 the width of your table and allow for 6″ to hanging over each end) and use this as your table runner, the background for your setup.
  3. Next are the branches and pinecones.  Lightly paint the ends of the branches and tips of the pinecones with gold acrylic paint. Let dry and spray with a clear gloss if preferred.
  4. For the pumpkins, you’ll want to use real or fake pumpkins, and spray or paint them gold, including the stems. Let dry and finish with a clear gloss if preferred.
  5. For the center piece, make sure to use the largest pumpkin and set it atop a thick slice of tree. If you are unable to come across a tree stump, use a cake stand in white or gold, or spray paint it a color of your preference. this gives the center of your table height and more visual character. 
  6. Lastly, come the votives. place the gold or mercury glass votive holders around the table and light those candles. The glow will create a beautifully enveloping ambiance, which will make your whole tablescape glisten.




Are you craving a more lived in vibe, possibly something reminiscent of a gypsy fortress, exclusively for the wanderlust dedicated?  Try this simple, yet seasonally inspired, DIY with the cutest tiny pumpkins and gold tipped feather garland.

Basic directions: (for a more detailed tutorial with photos, click on the photo below)

  1. To make the garland, you will need string or twine, long enough to hang across your mantel, door frame, or wherever you choose to hang it up; and large assorted feathers
  2. Place a dot of hot glue on the tip of each feather and glue about 3″ apart *we recommend doing this on a piece of cardboard or a surface that won’t be ruined if damaged by the hot glue.
  3. Once the feathers are all glued down, grab a piece of paper or cardboard to cover the part of the feather you don’t want painted, and spray paint the visible part of the feather with gold spray paint. *make sure you are spraying outside or in a well-ventilated area, and you have a painting tarp or newspapers down underneath the feathers you are painting.
  4. After the paint is dry, you can hang it up! She used gold thumb tacks to place in her mantel, but if you aren’t wanting to create holes, we recommend grabbing the smallest command hooks in clear and tying them to the hooks. To create a more finished look, add a gold tipped feather to each end as well.


I hope some of these décor ideas have inspired you to create a festive, Fall-inspired atmosphere, that truly represents your own style. Enjoy a cozy, warm and beautiful season, filled with friends and family.





French Country: