Universal Studios Hollywood: Tips & Tricks to save money and have more fun!

Universal Studios Hollywood: Tips & Tricks to save money and have more fun!

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My boyfriend, B, and I absolutely LOVE going to Universal Studios! It’s a really fun date-day and with our annual pass, every visit is about $25 for parking and then any other money spent is on food or drinks (which we always pack protein bars anyway, so food is never something we buy).

I’m going to share with you, a few of my tips for having the best experience at Universal Studios as an adult couple!

  1. Get an annual pass. If you are a California resident, and live close enough to go more than twice a year, you will definitely get your money’s worth with an annual pass. They have a few different passes to choose from, varying between $179 – $609 depending on blackout dates, but when daily admission is between $109 – $124 per day, why wouldn’t you get an annual pass? Personally, we work around the blackout dates, (except this year when we were planning on going for my birthday, and then while on our way, we found out the entire month of July was blacked out) so we get the $179 pass and make sure to go at least 3 times a year, to really get our money’s worth. Plus, it’s such a fun date that you could go on for less than $35/time including parking and gas (depending where you’re driving from).
  2. Go on a weekday if you can! When school is in session, go on a weekday! You have less crowds, less lines and overall less people, which means you can go on more rides and tours than you would be able to if you went on a weekend. Wait line times on weekdays average about 0-30 mins, where weekend lines can be up to 2+ hours for one ride.
  3. Save money, pack food and drinks! You can bring water bottles (plastic or stainless steel; NOT glass) into the park, so I recommend bringing water with you, otherwise you will have to pay up to $10 for a bottle of water! We also bring protein bars to eat during the day in case we get hungry, since food is always expensive in there too. *If you drink, we usually bring a small plastic water bottle with vodka in it, JUST in case we need a little pick me up during the day. (because why not?) 
  4. Get there early. We usually aim to leave our house after the morning rush, and get to the park around 10-11am (the park opens at 10am). Getting there early allows you to go on more rides and experience more shows than if you were to wait until the afternoon to go, plus there are much less people in the morning.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes! You will be walking A LOT, since the park is so spread out. Universal Studios has both an upper lot and a lower lot you will want to experience, so your feet need to be comfortable!
  6. My top favorite things to experience!
    1. Upper Lot
      1. Universal’s Animal Actors: If you like animals, this is the show for you! This Animal Show highlights trained animals that currently work in Hollywood. It is so funny, and always the same, yet different based on how the animals decide to react to the trainers.
        • PRO TIP: We ALWAYS stop by Mulligan’s Irish Pub and grab a drink before heading over to the show, it’s literally our FAVORITE part of the entire day at Universal Studios!The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The ride, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is a 4K HD Ride that takes you into Hogwartz and throughout the entire world that is Harry Potter.Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThe Walking Dead Attraction: only if you aren’t too afraid of horror mazes…
      1. Universal’s Studio Tour: This takes you through the backlot of Universal Studios, where you can see the sets and soundstages of popular movies and tv shows, as well as experience some crazy things while you’re on the ride.
      1. Simpsons, the Ride: This ride is really fun, but it does jerk you around a bit, so don’t go on this one if you are nauseated or have a headache.
      1. Kung-Fu Panda: This attraction is new, and B and I went on this for the first time on Thursday and it was really cute. Highly recommend taking part in this attraction if you haven’t seen it before.
    1. Lower Lot
      1. Transformers: The Ride: This experience is very fun, and SUPER realistic, but like the Simpson’s ride, make sure not to go on this one if you are nauseated or have a headache, it will only make it worse (at least it has for me).
      1. The Mummy: This is one of my favorite rides in the whole park! It’s a cross between Space Mountain and Indiana Jones at Disneyland, and I LOVE it!!Stranger Things Maze: So this one is a last minute add-on since it will only be an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood until Nov. 4, 2018, but I HIGHLY recommend going through this if you are a “Stranger Things” fan and if you are going to be there before tomorrow. *and if you can’t make it, check out this link to see what it’s all about! Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I hope this helps you plan your time at Universal Studios Hollywood! I can’t wait to see your pictures, and let me know if I’ve missed anything you would recommend!!